About the Lesson’s I Give
My Lessons Start at $30 for half hour and $50 for a full hour. If more then one person takes the lesson together, you can split the cost. Example: If two share a lesson for an hour, you would split the hourly rate of $50.00 which would be $25.00 each. I teach one on one and groups. Some like to have a friend or friends take lessons with them. Please, don't ever be afraid to ask a question during a lesson. I will also be asking you questions to make sure you really understand what I am teaching you, so you can practice correctly. I like to give you drills for homework to build up muscle memory or as some term it, mind memory. I am very patient and glad to explain anything you don't understand. I teach beginners to scratch players. I will be using video and a golf simulator to aid in the learning process. Contact me to set up an appointment or if you have any questions: Business Phone = 267-993-9892 Email = golfwell7@gmail.com